We are selling stickers to create the first advertising campaign created by people, to promote human kindness. 

Because we need it!


At The Good Campaign we believe in good. Being a good person, doing kind things and encouraging people to do good for others and the world. 

The Good Campaign platform is here to give us something positive and hopeful in the times of what feels like constant negativity and bad news.

The Good Campaign movement is here to make being kind cool again! We do it by promoting kindness, good news and positivity via our Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Our main goal is create a huge advertising campaign promoting human kindness! 

So please, grab The Good Campaign sticker and campaign for GOOD with us!


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It's durable so you can stick it on your car, desk, fridge etc. Let it be a constant remainder to you and others that we are good and can do even more good!

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