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planting trees

I'm obsessed with this site! You can plant 1, 40 or 100... trees. You can create a fundraiser. You can plant a tree for someone as a gift and send them gift note via email. Love this so much! 

Plant a tree

The Good Campaign sticker

The Good Campaign

Buy our sticker and help create 

The Good Campaign - 

the first advertising campaign about Kindness 

and Kindness to our planet.

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I know it's a bit pricy but this lunch box is the best investment ever! Easy to clean and super durable. Much better for planet than plastic containers. Make sure to check out different models!

Recommended to us by friend. We love these! Cool, durable and mostly importantly, eco-friendly. Get a 6 pack for your home, office, car or guests at your home to reduce usage of plastic bottles. I keep them in the fridge ready for thirsty peeps!