Oo the go coffee cup


🧡🌎🧡 16 billion paper coffee cups are used in the world each year. We try hard not to add to this huge number so we found our perfect reusable coffee/tea cup @keepcup Join us and find your perfect reusable cup if you haven’t yet! 

Grocery & produce bags

reusable & organic cotton bags

We simply love these bags from  @organiccottonmart ! They are perfect to shop for veggies and fruits and help keep produce fresh in the fridge.  

Strong on the go mug


Love this one from @yeti. It's for sure the best choice if you have kids and need a stronger cup. And this design is so simple & pretty!

Glass water bottles

glass bottles, eco friendly water bottles

Recommended to us by friend. We love these! Cool, durable and mostly importantly, eco-friendly. Get a 6 pack for your home, office, car or guests at your home to reduce usage of plastic bottles. I keep them in the fridge ready for thirsty peeps!

Awesome lunch box

stainless steel lunch box
lunch box

I know it's a bit pricy but this lunch box is the best investment ever! Easy to clean and super durable. Much better for planet than plastic containers. Make sure to check out different models!

The Good Campaign sticker

The Good Campaign

Buy our sticker and help create 

The Good Campaign - 

the first advertising campaign about Kindness 

and Kindness to our planet.

Berkey Water Filter

Berkey water filter
water filter

I love water from this filter. Berkey uses natural method to purify water. Filters can be cleaned every 6 months and changed every 4-5 years. 

Good soap


I was using plastic bottle hand soap for a long time. Ugh. Now I switched to a bar soap. This one is great. Made from natural ingredients soap on a mission to help communities. Sold at WholeFoods without any additional packaging. Lets talk zero waste ; )

Reusable cleaning supplies kit


Ok this is a game changer. You buy 3 forever bottles and tablets that you drop into these bottles after filling them with tap water. Smells good, easy, stainable, works!

NEW Sticker


NEW sticker! 

Kindness is your super power.

Plastic free, reusable bags


We just got these and so far so good. Easy to clean, non toxic bags are great for kids snacks.

Eco Friendly Kids (4-8YO) Game


This game is fun for all family and kind to planet (no plastic used!) Cooperative games cultivate emotional development, shared decision making, positive self-esteem, creative problem solving, and develop a sense of community in a non-stressful play environment. My girls love it!

Eco Friendly Kids (4-8YO) Game


My girls love this one! Another game that is fun for all family and kind to planet. This one is also a cooperative game that cultivates emotional development, shared decision making, positive self-esteem, creative problem solving, and develop a sense of community in a non-stressful play environment. 

Display real testimonials


Love these utensils set! Nicely made, easy to travel with, light. I take it everywhere to skip plastic and be kind to planet ; ) Also come in gold, silver even purple!

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